Tara Brach, a renowned meditation teacher, psychologist, and author, has long been a beacon of hope and inspiration for countless individuals seeking solace, healing, and spiritual growth. With her profound wisdom and compassionate guidance, Tara has helped people from all walks of life navigate the complexities of the human experience, transforming suffering into a path of growth, self-compassion, and inner peace. From her early days as a grassroots organizer and yoga practitioner to her time in an ashram and subsequent Buddhist Insight Meditation retreat, Tara’s journey has been marked by a thirst for wisdom and an unwavering commitment to unconditional and loving presence. As the founder of the Insight Meditation Community of Washington, DC (IMCW), one of the largest non-residential meditation centers in the United States, Tara has cultivated a vast following through her podcast, which is downloaded over 3 million times each month. Her work in spreading mindfulness and compassion has extended to pressing global issues such as racial injustice, equity, inclusivity, peace, and environmental sustainability. In this interview, I speak to Tara Brach (meditation teacher, psychologist, and author). We discuss the role of spirituality in our lives, the power of meditation, how we can find our connection with the world, and with each other.

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