In our age of digital omnipresence, a discordance has evolved between our ever-connected world and our increasing sense of disconnection. This imbalance, brought about by the saturation of our lives with smartphones and social media, is causing significant disruptions to our brains, and consequently, our lives. Carl D. Marci, MD,…
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As society has moved through the renaissance into modernity, the questions of why (typically the domain of theology) moved from the arts to science, the preciseness of the latter arguably unsuited to such philosophical questions.  The primacy of overtly scientific approaches to understanding life has come at a tremendous cost;…
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In 2015, New York City announced an unprecedented commitment to create a mental health system that works for all the city’s residents, and a commitment to empower citizens’ mental health and well-being.  This initiative was titled to match its desired outcome: ThriveNYC. To learn more about how New York City is…
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