Rebecca Heiss, PhD, is an evolutionary biologist and stress physiologist who empowers the current and next generation of leaders to live more, fear(less) lives.  Through her deep understanding of how evolution has shaped our brains in a less than optimal fashion, Dr. Heiss breaks down the barriers that hold us back and helps us to live lives of meaning and purpose by playing ALL-IN, even when we are afraid.  A science-backed leadership and performance expert, Dr. Heiss teaches audiences, including business leaders, parents, and students, how to use stress as a tool of empowerment, embrace our worthiness, and recognise the power we all have to change our brains, behaviours and outcomes to exceed what we thought was possible.  Dr. Heiss is the author of INSTINCT, and founder of icueity, a 360-review app and self-awareness tool that gives users continuous, valuable, anonymous feedback from people they trust that confirms or contradicts what they believe to be true about themselves. A passionate educator, Dr. Heiss spent much of her early career in the classroom at high school and college levels, teaching students entrepreneurial thinking and impact-based learning. In this interview I speak to Dr. Rebecca Heiss, one of the world’s foremost experts on the psychology of stress. We discuss the fundamental nature of stress, and how to harness stress for human performance.  

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