Kevin Kelly, a visionary luminary of our digital age, is renowned as the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, a definitive chronicle of the technological revolution, and the author of groundbreaking books like “Out of Control” and “The Inevitable.” Known for his prescient insights into technology and its impact on society, he has been an inspiring force, articulating a hopeful and thrilling vision of our future, as intertwined with technology. An intellectual trailblazer, he continually challenges us to broaden our horizons and to embrace change and innovation as inevitable components of progress. In this interview, I speak to Kevin Kelly about his latest masterpiece, “Excellent Advice for Life,” in which Kelly propels us further into a profound understanding of the human experience. In this book, he adeptly combines his wisdom acquired through years of immersion in technology and culture, providing enlightening guidance for navigating life’s complexities with courage, curiosity, and resilience. In Kevin Kelly, we find an indispensable guide for the unfolding narrative of the 21st century.

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