Suneel Gupta is redefining our understanding of work, ambition, and well-being. He is a tech entrepreneur, visiting scholar at Harvard, and has been featured in NYT, CNBC and TED. He researches and promotes how ancient wisdom, reimagined for modern times, can help us replace the relentless pursuit of success with…
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The Harvard Study of Adult Development is an extraordinary scientific endeavour that began in 1938 and is still going strong. For over eight decades, the study has tracked the same individuals and their families, asking thousands of questions and taking hundreds of measurements—from brain scans to blood work—with the goal…
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Kevin Kelly, a visionary luminary of our digital age, is renowned as the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, a definitive chronicle of the technological revolution, and the author of groundbreaking books like "Out of Control" and "The Inevitable." Known for his prescient insights into technology and its impact on…
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