In our age of digital omnipresence, a discordance has evolved between our ever-connected world and our increasing sense of disconnection. This imbalance, brought about by the saturation of our lives with smartphones and social media, is causing significant disruptions to our brains, and consequently, our lives. Carl D. Marci, MD,…
Thought Economics


Perez Hilton is one of our world’s foremost commentators on celebrity culture.  Since launching in 2004, his site has grown to receive over 300 million hits per month – making him a celebrity in the process!  The LA Times calls Perez, “like US Weekly, the Star, the Enquirer and…
Thought Economics


History has seen humanity exist in a near constant battle for social, economic, political and (since the enlightenment) individual freedoms. These battles have been set against a backdrop of great change and conflict, as states, commerce and other bodies struggle to reconcile their needs for utility, their risk aversion and…

Thought Economics


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