Professor Zeynep Ton is the driving force behind the Good Jobs movement. She’s a leading advocate for excellence in leadership and the creation of ‘good jobs’ – those that offer a decent wage, dignity, and room for career advancement. She is the author of The Case for Good Jobs and The Good Jobs Strategy. She believes in the power of good jobs combined with robust operations to boost productivity and make businesses more competitive. In an increasingly tight labor market, failing to offer good jobs can harm your business, and Ton is here to guide you out of that danger zone. As the president of the Good Jobs Institute and a leading academic in this field, Ton has helped numerous business leaders implement a good jobs system. Her hands-on experience working with frontline workers and managers gives her a unique insight into the challenges that keep businesses stuck in mediocrity. Implementing a good jobs system, she argues, not only makes businesses more resilient and competitive, but also helps them attract and retain dedicated employees and loyal customers. Stay tuned as we delve deeper into Ton’s insights and strategies. In this interview I speak to MIT Sloan Professor, Zeynep Ton. We discuss the need for a fundamental rethink on the nature of today’s jobs, and how adopting ‘Good Jobs’ can make our businesses more profitable and improve millions of lives in the process.

Thought Economics

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